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Tulsa Community College Foundation believes in the mission and vision of TCC. Because of your generosity, Believe in TCC helps fund TCC Foundation projects that are vital to the success of the College’s students, faculty and staff. State and local funding cannot sustain all of the needs of our College. Your giving provides the additional funds needed to accomplish important programs and development. You play an important role in funding projects such as travel expenses for students and employees to conferences and internships, scholarships for students with disabilities, guest speakers for special programs, performing arts equipment, and much more. Thank you to TCC employees for supporting the accomplishments of our students and colleagues.

The 2020 Believe in TCC Campaign encourages you to Be A Champion! Your contribution to Believe in TCC will create champions throughout our community. For TCC’s 50th Anniversary we hope to exceed 50% participation and $50,000 in revenue. Help us reach our goals, promoting student and employee success throughout the diverse programs offered at TCC.

Your gift to the Believe in TCC Campaign will help fund academic and student programs, such as:

  • Employee scholarships awarded through the College Staff Council.
  • Textbook vouchers for prospective students.
  • College Achievement Summits, supporting college readiness for underrepresented students in the Tulsa area.
  • Scholarships for adults who face financial and personal barriers to finishing their college degree.
  • Health science internships and clinical rotations.
  • The Criminal Justice Institute, providing certification for the Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training.
  • The Tulsa Review, an online literary arts journal that serves students interested in creative publication.


What is the Believe in TCC Campaign?

The Believe in TCC campaign is an annual employee giving campaign that raises funds for TCC Foundation’s projects. TCC relies on a combination of private funding from both employees and external donors to fund the various projects and programs proposed by TCC employees. These projects impact enrichment, academic and financial needs of students and employees.

How are these funds used?

Funds raised through the Believe in TCC Campaign contribute to projects that enhance various needs of students, faculty and staff throughout TCC. Please see the list of Foundation Funded projects impacted by The Believe Campaign on Your Believe Dollars at Work Report.

Can I designate where I want my Believe in TCC donation to go?

On the pledge form, you can apply your donation toward any of the following areas of need:

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)
  • Allied Health
  • Student Scholarships
  • Student Wellness
  • Area of Greatest Need

Why does TCC’s Foundation need to raise funds?

State and local funding allocated to TCC is not always enough to support our strategic goals. With private funding, such as your contributions from the Believe in TCC Campaign, the TCC Foundation is able to support important initiatives that will further enhance the experience and achievements of TCC students and employees.

I already give a lot of time and effort to TCC, why should I donate money on top of that?

We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication to TCC. State and local funding allocated to TCC is not always enough to support our projects through TCC. We use the funds for important projects proposed by your colleagues. With your support and funding from external private donors, the TCC Foundation is able to fund the majority of projects that you propose. Your gifts to TCC show non-college donors that you Believe in what we do at TCC and support the College’s work with your own charitable giving. Every gift counts. Thank you for Believing in TCC!

How much should I give?

You can impact student or colleague with a gift of any size. Please make a gift that is meaningful to you. Consider breaking down your donation through payroll deduction. Here are some examples of what your dollars can do:

$40 can fund five students at the Student Achievement Summit, supporting and improving college readiness for underrepresented students.

$60 can sponsor an at-risk Nursing student to attend an all-day support workshop.

$150 can support funding for the Tulsa Review, an online literary arts journal that serves students interested in creative publication.

$250 can underwrite a scholarship for a high-performing honors student.

$450 can pay for a guest poet for the Poetry Reading Series.

$500 can award a TCC employee a scholarship to further their education.

$750 can pay for a Diagnostic Medical Sonography student’s overnight expenses during required clinical rotations.

How do I make a donation?

You can make your pledge and/or donation online, by clicking the box that says “Donate to Believe.” Credit cards are accepted. You can also complete a Believe Donation Pledge Card and return it to the TCC Foundation. You can make a one-time gift and enclose a check with your pledge card or you can arrange for payroll deduction. Deductions will begin July 1, 2020 and will run through June 30, 2021.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, gifts made to the Tulsa Community College Foundation are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for your donation. 

When is TCC’s Fiscal Year?

Tulsa Community College’s fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30.

Who can I contact with questions about making a gift?

If you have questions about making a gift to the Believe in TCC Campaign, please contact Megan Korn, Development Officer for the TCC Foundation, at or (918) 595-7846.

Foundation Funds at Work

Your Believe donations contribute to funding our annual Foundation funded projects.

FY2019-20 Foundation Funded Projects $159,000

  • Admissions Office Book Vouchers – Twenty $500 book vouchers for high school counselors and prospective students
  • Air Traffic Control Aviation Conference
  • Alumni Survey
  • Bioscience Research Experiences – Funding to support two Tulsa Area Bioscience Education & Research Consortium(TABERC) Scholars and lab regents from TCC. TABERC is a non-profit, faculty consortium of all area institutions of higher education whose intent it is to provide bioscience education, training and research opportunities to students in the region.
  • Center for Creativity Reception Funding – Funding for annual events, i.e. First Friday, High School Open House lunches and guest artist receptions
  • College Staff Council Scholarships – Four $500 employee scholarships are awarded each semester to help employees further their education.
  • College Achievement Summits – Tribal, Hispanic and African American outreach and recruiting
  • Community Resources Fair – Provides raffle prizes for attendees of a forum to inform developmentally disabled individuals and their parents of higher education opportunities at TCC and other schools
  • CPR, First Aid and AED Equipment
  • Criminal Justice Institute/Council for Law Enforcement Education and Training(CLEET) Certification
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography Student Scholarship – Funding for travel expenses during required clinical rotations
  • Disability Resources (Education Access Center(EAC) & Resource Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) Pamela McGowan Student Scholarships – Offers 5 annual scholarships to students with documented disabilities
  • Disability Resources Pamela McGowan Scholarship Awards Gala – Gala to announce the students selected to receive Pamela McGowan EAC scholarships.
  • Fuel Pantry – Refrigerators and freezers for Northeast Campus, Southeast Campus, West Campus
  • Higher Ed Day at the Capitol
  • Hispanic Student Association Travel to the National UnidosUS Leadership Conference
  • Hispanic Student Association Scholarship
  • History Day – Trophies and t-shirts for winners (who advance to the state competition) and totes for all of the teachers who attend History Day hosted by Southeast Campus for 500 middle and high school students
  • Honors Roundup & Award Reception – Honors program orientation
  • Honors Awards – Honors talentships awarded to top students at their annual awards ceremony 
  • Integration Bee – Provides team and individual prizes for winners of a calculus integration math competition
  • Louder Than a Bomb: University – A poetry contest available to all college students & members of community ages 18-25
  • National Council on Undergraduate Research for Students and Faculty(NCUR) – Funding to support TCC faculty and/or students to attend National Conference on Undergraduate Research.
  • Nursing Housing
  • Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Internships – Lab materials for three TCC student interns and small sponsorship for presentation seminar
  • Performing Arts Theatre Equipment
  • Poetry Reading Series
  • Physical Therapy Assistant Program Alumni Event
  • Real Life Lord of the Flies/Meet Gina Perry, Author
  • Honors Program Research Retreat
  • Service Excellence Awards – Staff and Professional Staff
  • Support Program for at-risk Nursing Students
  • Teaching Excellence Awards – Faculty and Adjunct Faculty.
  • Tulsa Review: TCC Online Literary Magazine – Provides prize money for TCC student winners of a writing contest. The online magazine posts the winning submissions and markets the TCC Liberal Arts programs to aspiring local writers.
  • Talentships – Music – Stipends given to 20-30 music students based on their academic ability and playing level
  • Talentships – Theatre
  • TRiO Achievement Awards – Four $500 scholarships to emphasize the students' achievements and motivate other students
  • TRiO Educational Opportunity Center(EOC) New Beginnings Award Ceremony – Five $500 "New Beginning" scholarships for TRiO EOC students

Contact Us

For more information about the Believe in TCC Campaign, please contact Megan Korn, Development Officer, or (918) 595-7846.

For general questions about the TCC Foundation, please contact or call (918) 595-7836.

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