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The Believe Campaign has begun!

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Every day, TCC faculty and staff work tirelessly to support our students and community to achieve our mission – Building Success Through Education. As a result, in the past year (2022), TCC has graduated more students than ever.

As our students grow, so do their needs. Through your generosity, TCC employees have created opportunities and resources for students that are not sustained by state or local funding.

Opportunities that allow students to travel to conferences and internships; to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; to support students who are parents; even resources such as the Fuel Pantry have all been made possible by your giving.

On behalf of our students, families, and peers, thank you for Believing in TCC.

Why Believe

Payroll Deduction Charts

Employees Paid Monthly1

Donation per paycheck Total for year
$2.00 $24.00
$5.00 $60.00
$10.00 $120.00
$20.00 $240.00
$25.00 $300.00
$50.00 $600.00
$70.00 $840.00
$85.00 $1,020.00

Employees Paid Bi-Weekly1

Donation per paycheck Total for year
$1.00 $24.00
$2.50 $60.00
$5.00 $120.00
$10.00 $240.00
$12.50 $300.00
$25.00 $600.00
$35.00 $840.00
$42.50 $1,020.00

1 Employees who donate $1,000 or more through the Believe in TCC campaign will receive membership in President's Society for Jan through Dec 2023.

Show How You Believe!


Believe Trivia Night

Join us for a night of random facts, friends, and fanciful cocktails. You can show your mental might by playing as an individual or pooling the collective knowledge of friends and colleagues as a team. A sign-up link will be shared as we near the Believe Campaign Kick-off on March 29th. Contact Aaron Wilson ( if you have any questions.

Register for Trivia Night

  • Date/Time: April 4, 6:30–8:30 p.m.
  • Location: Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity at Metro Campus

Employee Giving Participation Goal

Employee giving shows private donors that TCC employees Believe in the future of TCC.
34% Participation
45% Participation


What is the Believe in TCC Campaign?

The Believe in TCC campaign is an annual employee giving campaign that raises funds for TCC Foundation’s projects. TCC relies on a combination of private funding from both employees and external donors to fund the various projects and programs proposed by TCC employees. These projects impact enrichment, academic and financial needs of students and employees.

How are these funds used?

Funds raised through the Believe in TCC Campaign contribute to projects that enhance the various needs of students, faculty, and staff throughout TCC.

Why does TCC’s Foundation need to raise funds?

State and local funding allocated to TCC is not always enough to support our strategic goals. With private funding, such as your contributions from the Believe in TCC Campaign, the TCC Foundation is able to support important initiatives that will further enhance the experience and achievements of TCC students and employees.

I already give a lot of time and effort to TCC, why should I donate money on top of that?

We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication to TCC. State and local funding allocated to TCC is not always enough to support our projects through TCC. We use the funds for important projects proposed by your colleagues. With your support and funding from external private donors, the TCC Foundation is able to fund the majority of projects that you propose. Your gifts to TCC show non-college donors that you believe in what we do at TCC and support the College’s work with your own charitable giving. Every gift counts. Thank you for Believing in TCC!

How much should I give?

You can impact students or colleagues with a gift of any size. Please make a gift that is meaningful to you. Consider breaking down your donation through payroll deduction.

How do I make a donation?

You can make your pledge and/or donation online, by either credit card, PayPal, Venmo, or payroll deduction.

You can also complete a Believe in TCC Donation Pledge Card and return it to the TCC Foundation. You can make a one-time gift and enclose a check with your pledge card or you can arrange for a payroll deduction. Deductions will begin July 1, 2023, and will run through June 30, 2024.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Donations made through this website are tax-deductible. Paid participation in some Believe in TCC games, activities, and events may not be tax-deductible.

When is TCC’s Fiscal Year?

Tulsa Community College’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

Who can I contact with questions about making a gift?

If you have questions about making a gift to the Believe in TCC Campaign, please contact Aaron Wilson, Development Officer for the TCC Foundation, at or 918-595-8013.

Foundation Funds at Work

Coming soon.

Contact Us

For more information about the Believe in TCC Campaign, please contact Aaron Wilson, Development Officer, at, or 918-595-8013.

For general questions about the TCC Foundation, please contact or call 918-595-7977.

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