Believe in TCC Campaign

Believe in TCC

Believe in TCC, an annual employee giving campaign, supports the work of the TCC Foundation as it strives to create more scholarships, to enhance academic learning through efficient and updated facilities, and to advance the student experience.

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Each one-time gift or payroll deduction is a tax-deductible donation. On behalf of our students who have been positively impacted, and their families, thank you for Believing in TCC.

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Contact Nicole Burgin at if you have any questions about any of the Believe in TCC events.

We’ve cooked up a collection of meatless recipes for this Believe in TCC fundraiser whether you are focused on making a healthier choice or trying to introduce meatless Monday to your family. 

TCC Cooks: Meatless Recipes features vegetarian, plant-based, or vegan-friendly recipes submitted by TCC employees from across the College and will be delivered to your inbox.

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Your Impact

Through your generosity, TCC employees have created scholarships, opportunities, and resources for students through Foundation Funded Projects not sustained by state or local funding.

Your gifts go to develop opportunities that: 

  • Allow students to present scientific research findings furthering their career dreams
  • Connect students to local employers for internships and work experience
  • Support excellence in art, history, math, and poetry through student competitions
  • Provide stipends for Nursing peer tutors
  • Help keep students on the path to a degree when an emergency expense happens

You Make a Difference

“With the peer tutor program, we are creating a new culture. We are creating a culture of helping each other and having the students depend more on each other. The research shows that students will turn to students before they will turn to faculty."

- Dr. Stephanie Merritt, GKFF Endowed Chair for Nursing Student Success & Associate Professor of Nursing, TCC

Believe 2024–2025 Goal

Help us reach our fundraising goal.
Over $70,000

You Make a Difference

“In high school, I remember thinking, hey, do I want to go to college? How am I going to afford to go to college? I grew up knowing my parents didn’t have a lot of money or wealth. TCC scholarships allowed me to stay, continue and thrive and I remember my parents were excited because I am their first child to go to college. I am in school and who I am today because of those scholarships. Thank you.”

- Christopher Gresham, Pre-Nursing major & scholarship recipient

Payroll Deduction Charts

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President's Society Membership

Employees who donate $1,000 or more through the Believe in TCC campaign will receive membership in the President's Society for January through December.

Still Have Questions?

The Believe in TCC campaign is an annual employee-giving campaign that raises funds for TCC Foundation Funded Projects and scholarships. TCC relies on private funding from employees and community donors to fund the initiatives and high-impact practices proposed by TCC faculty and staff. Because of you, more scholarships are created, academic learning is enhanced through efficient and updated facilities, and the student experience is advanced.

Funds raised through the Believe in TCC Campaign contribute to projects that enhance the various needs of students, faculty, and staff throughout TCC.

State and local funding allocated to TCC is not always enough to support our strategic goals. With private funding, such as your contributions from the Believe in TCC Campaign, the TCC Foundation is able to support important initiatives that will further enhance the experience and achievements of TCC students and employees.

We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication to TCC. State and local funding allocated to TCC is not always enough to support our projects through TCC. We use the funds for important projects proposed by your colleagues. With your support and funding from external private donors, the TCC Foundation is able to fund the majority of projects that you propose. Your gifts to TCC show non-college donors that you believe in what we do at TCC and support the College’s work with your own charitable giving. Every gift counts. Thank you for Believing in TCC!

You can impact students or colleagues with a gift of any size. Please make a gift that is meaningful to you. Consider breaking down your donation through a payroll deduction.

You can make your pledge and/or donation online, by either credit card, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or payroll deduction.

For those who would like to make a one-time gift or donation by check, you can complete a Believe in TCC donation pledge card and return it to the TCC Foundation with the check enclosed. You can also make a gift through a payroll deduction. Deductions will begin July 1, 2024, and will run through June 30, 2025. 

Donations made through this website as one-time gifts or payroll deductions are tax-deductible. The purchase of tickets to participate in Believe in TCC events may not be tax-deductible. 

Tulsa Community College’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

If you have questions about making a gift to the Believe in TCC Campaign, please contact Nicole Burgin, Development Officer for the TCC Foundation, at or 918-595-8013.

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For more information about the Believe in TCC Campaign, please contact our Development Staff.