Female TCC Student smiles at you will she sits in class and takes notes.

About TCC Foundation

It’s in the name. A Foundation provides exactly that for the organization it supports. Financial support. Community influence. Key relationships. For as long as there’s been a Tulsa Community College (TCC), the TCC Foundation has endeavored to provide resources that enable the College to fulfill its mission.

TCC occupies a vital place in the Tulsa community. It builds success for the community through education, and promotes an employed and thriving workforce.

TCC can only do as much as its resources allow. Completion grants provide students that last, most-needed boost to remove financial obstacles to finishing their degree. Facility renovations inspire learning by providing a setting students will encounter in the workplace. These are possible only because of the foresight and dedication of the community to the College.

The TCC Foundation helps provide vital resources to keep TCC functioning as one of the top community colleges in the country. The TCC Foundation is successful in part because of donors, people who understand the importance of a community college.

Welcome to the TCC Foundation. Join us in shaping our community’s future. Whatever your vision for helping the College, we can make it a reality.