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Ways to Give

Thank you for your interest in giving to TCC Foundation.

Alumni, parents and friends give to Tulsa Community College in a variety of ways including checks, credit cards, electronic fund transfers and gifts of stocks and securities or other assets.

Gifts to the TCC Foundation may be tax deductible to the full amount permitted by law and donors are encouraged to seek the advice of their own professional tax advisor.

Contact Us

For any other giving questions, please email or call 918-595-7977.

Giving Options

Make your contribution to TCC with any of the following giving options.


To make your gift online, use our secure online gift form. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Venmo

By Mail

Mail your gift to:

TCC Foundation
909 S Boston Ave 
Tulsa, OK 74119

Electronic Bank Draft

To set up an electronic bank draft, call TCC Foundation at 918-595-7977.

Donor Advised Funds

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Tulsa Community College Foundation using a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). We appreciate your consideration!

Donors recommending grants from DAFs are limited by IRS guidelines for benefits they may receive in exchange for the gift. To ensure your recommended DAF grant follows IRS guidelines, the TCC Foundation will not provide any donor benefits that have fair market value, including event tables and tickets, in exchange for gifts from DAFs.

Additionally, bifurcation of gifts between the deductible and non-deductible portion of the gift is not allowed. Therefore, the donor may not recommend a grant from a donor-advised fund for the deductible portion and then pay the non-deductible portion from a personal source. (IRS Notice 2017-73).

Even with these limitations, donors may still support TCC Foundation events through their Donor Advised Funds. Donors may:

  • Sponsor an event, and not attend. In this way, the donor is declining all benefits with a fair market value, such as tickets or tables. In this case, donor benefits such as recognition listings in the event program or on our website, may still be provided as they do not have a fair market value.
  • Alternatively, a donor may sponsor and attend an event by paying the full, publicly available ticket price to attend an event from personal or corporate funds, while also recommending a separate grant from the Donor Advised Fund.
    • For example, a donor wishes to be a Dream Maker level sponsor of TCC Foundation’s annual Vision Dinner. This $15,000 sponsorship includes a benefit of seating for 16 guests. The publicly available ticket price is $1,000 for 2 seats (or $8,000 for 16 guests). The donor may pay the $8,000 from a personal or corporate account and recommend a grant from the Donor Advised Fund of the $7,000 necessary to complete the sponsorship.

Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your gift.

Thank you again for considering a donation to TCC Foundation. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

IRA Charitable Rollover

Donors age 70½ or older may give up to $100,000 directly from an IRA to qualified charities without paying federal income tax on the distribution. Donors may choose to make a qualified charitable distribution from an IRA to make a gift to support Tulsa Community College or to fulfill an existing pledge.

Learn more about IRA Rollover gifts, call TCC Foundation at 918-595-7977.

Matching Gifts

Many employers have matching gift programs that could double or even triple your gift.

Learn more about matching gifts, call TCC Foundation at 918-595-7977.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts are a wonderful way to show your support of TCC's mission while accommodating your own personal, financial, estate-planning and philanthropic goals.

Learn About Planned Giving

Stocks & Securities

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares can be a tax-advantaged way to provide support for Tulsa Community College.

To transfer a gift of stock or securities, call TCC Foundation at 918-595-7977.


To make a gift by telephone, call TCC Foundation at 918-595-7977.