Create Scholarship Opportunities

Three TCC Students stand and sit outside the A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Student Success Center

By contributing to TCC Scholarships, you directly impact the success of a student. Scholarships lift financial barriers and allow students to focus on their educational aspirations and complete their degrees. Your gift will make a difference by helping students cover college expenses, such as tuition, books, and fees.

Contribute to Existing TCC Scholarships

For one-time or recurring gifts to a specific scholarship fund or the general scholarship fund, use the TCC Online Giving Form. Designate your gift to “scholarships.” Note the name of the scholarship in the comment box at the bottom of the form.

To learn more about established scholarships or get the name of a specific scholarship fund, contact the TCC Foundation at 918-595-7977 or

Start a New Scholarship Fund

If you are ready to create a new scholarship, the TCC Foundation is here to guide you. 

Endowed Scholarships

Endowments are a compelling way to invest in TCC’s future. This scholarship fund requires a minimum contribution of $25,000. Earnings from the endowed scholarship fund will be used to fund annual student scholarship awards.

A TCC Foundation Development Officer will assist you with the scholarship agreement, helping you name your scholarship and establish restrictions or guidelines that need to be followed during the award process.

Intended Endowed Scholarships

With an Intended Endowed Scholarship, you can build an endowed scholarship fund by making smaller contributions according to a set timeline. Intended Endowed Scholarship funds do not have a minimum contribution, however, like Endowed Scholarship Funds, awards will be generated by the earnings once the fund reaches $25,000. A TCC Foundation Development Officer will assist you with a contribution timeline to guide your scholarship fund to the $25,000 goal.

Annual Gift

Create a scholarship fund based on the pledge of an annual contribution. You specify the amount the of the contribution, when you will make the contribution each year, and your guidelines for the scholarship. To establish a scholarship fund, the minimum gift is $1,000. Based on the details of your scholarship and the funding available, the scholarship will be awarded annually.

One-time Gift

Create a scholarship based on your one-time gift. To establish a scholarship fund, the minimum gift is $1,000. You specify the amount of the award and guidelines for the scholarship.

Fill out a Donation Inquiry Form and a TCC Foundation Development Officer will contact you to finalize the scholarship development process.

When you create a new scholarship fund, you will be provided with and asked to complete a scholarship agreement form. This document outlines the scholarship details and establishes restrictions and guidelines that need to be followed during the award process.

Contact Us

For more information about contributing to a scholarship fund or creating a scholarship fund, complete the donation inquiry form or contact the TCC Foundation at 918-595-7977 or

Looking for a Planned Giving Opportunity?

If you are a donor interested in learning more about our Planned Giving opportunities please visit our planned giving site.

Looking to Apply For a Scholarship?

If you are a TCC student searching for scholarship opportunities, please go to TCC Scholarships.