Mission, Values, & Beliefs


Established in 1970, the Tulsa Community College Foundation develops key relationships and financial resources for Tulsa Community College. The Foundation supports the College’s vision of offering greater access to quality higher education, and supports TCC students, faculty, and staff by providing scholarships and resources for program excellence.

Values & Beliefs

TCC Foundation supports the philosophy and mission of TCC which:

  • Provides quality higher education to all sectors of the community;
  • Is responsive, timely and proactive in meeting the needs of the subset business community;
  • Sets the standard for integrity and professionalism; and
  • Is a leader in developing cutting-edge programs.

The Foundation believes that all Foundation Board Members should be active in their Foundation support.

The Foundation believes that those who benefit from the TCC should contribute to it.

The Foundation will conduct its operations with financial integrity.

The Foundation will be proactive in anticipating and planning for TCC needs.