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Annual Campaign

a gift that "gives back" to your community

Your donation to Tulsa Community College Foundation is a gift that "gives back" to your community!

From a social perspective, for every dollar you invest in a TCC education, an average of $8.70 in benefits will accrue to Oklahoma over the course of students’ careers.

From a local taxpayer perspective, for every local tax dollar you spend on educating students attending TCC, local taxpayers receive an average of $3.10 in return over the course of students’ working lives.

From a student perspective, students with an associate degree from TCC earn an average wage of $39,200 per year in our region, more than $8,800 higher than the region’s average.

Tulsa Community College provides quality higher education at affordable tuition rates while also committing to innovative and flexible solutions that respond to a dynamic global environment. But we need help in doing this.

With your donation to the Annual Campaign, the TCC Foundation provides critical financial resources to students, faculty and staff through their engagement in teaching, learning, and service opportunities that transform and enrich lives.

Your donations to TCC Foundation help provide the resources for Foundation Funded Projects that include:

With support from individuals and community partners like you, TCC continually improves key performance indicators of student and organizational success. We hope you will consider an investment that pays big dividends to our region, by making a gift to TCC Foundation.

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